An alliance forum, or commonly referred as a forum, is a place where Travian players within a specific alliance meet and discuss, as well as chat and play.

Sections of an Alliance Forum Edit

An alliance forum has several sections to it although you do not need to use them all. Here is a list:

Public Edit

The public forum setting creates a forum which any Travian player can view. Commonly these forum types are used to create alliance registration forums, or forums that get locked and are used to display information to the general public without putting it onto the alliance's front page. Some alliances have been known to use this to display information on how to register.

Confederate Edit

The confederate forum is used for alliances that hold Confederation Pacts with each other. Members of alliance X when allied with alliance Y can then read and post comments in each other's Confederate forum.

Alliance Edit

The alliance forum option is used most of all, it is where the members of the alliance comment and post in the privacy of that alliance. Attack plans and reports can be shared here without outsiders looking.

Closed Edit

A closed forum doesn't show up to members of the alliance without special permissions. Forum Admins can see these.

Tips and Tricks Edit

Formatting Options Edit

A great part about the forum is that it enables the use of BB code. This code allows users to format their post, listed below are some of the BB codes that can be used on the forum:

• [color=black] Text Here [/color] (Note the BB code only uses the American way of spelling Colour: Color.)
• [color=#333333] Text here [/color] The forum also supports the use of Hexidecimal colouring.
• [b] Text Here [/b] Use Bold text.
• [i] Text Here [/i] Use italics.
• [u] Text Here [/u] Underline text.

Troop Icons Edit

A wonderful feature is the ability to display troop icons. This will involve typing [troop name]. For a list, see below.

[Legionnaire] [Praetorian] [Imperian]
[Equites Legati] [Equites Imperatoris] [Equites Caesaris]
[Battering Ram] [Fire Catapult] [Senator] [Settler]

[Clubswinger] [Spearman] [Axeman]
[Scout] [Paladin] [Teutonic Knight]
[Battering Ram] [Catapult] [Chief] [Settler]

[Phalanx] [Swordsman] [Pathfinder]
[Theutates Thunder] [Druidrider] [Haeduan]
[Battering Ram] [Trebuchet] [Chieftain] [Settler]

[Pikeman] [Thorned Warrior] [Guardsman]
[ ] [Axerider] [Natarian Knight]
[War Elephant] [Ballista] [Natarian Emperor] [Settler]

try [birds of prey]

I cannot figure out what the 'Bird Of Prey' is since that doesn't work, I've tried many combinations, all have been unsuccessful.

Kriptonic 09:35, February 14, 2010 (UTC)

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