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Ashoka is a friendly alliance in Travian. Feel free to add information on your Ashoka wings here.

Ashoka on com7 Edit

This is a list of Ashoka wings on The links will only be accesseble if you are logged into this server.

South East Branches Edit


-Ashoka- - Ashoka Warriors is a 10-member alliance led by Rain of fire.


AshokaBB is the Ashoka Band of Brothers. The Founding Father is riggsie08.


AshokaSE is another Southeast Ashoka alliance. They have a public forum.

Ashoka HEdit

Ashoka H - Ashoka Heroes was founded by Mod_hero10.


AshokSE1 - Ashoka Warriors of the SE was founded by dhracer.


Ashoka-I - Ashoka-Ireland


Ashoka-@ - Ashoka Academy was founded by kopities. Applications to join should be made on the the forum.


Ashoka1 is a SE wing with just one member.

South West Branches Edit


Ashoka 2 is a SW alliance.


AshokaAJ is a SW alliance presided over by astri.


Applications to join Ashoka-Z - _+A-to-Z+_ can be made on the forum. The alliance spans the SW and SE.

North East Branches Edit


AshokaNE is one of the few Ashoka branches in the NE.


AshokaR - AshokaNE3-Rat Pak is building fast and furious and has a waiting list to join.


]AsHoKa[ - Fight Together

North West Branches Edit


*Ashoka* - The NW Ashoka Alliance was founded by mickey35. The top players in the alliance are currently manbaerpig, Killian, and am9. The alliance uses an in-game forum and a Skype channel for communication.


AshokaII has a long waiting list and a lot of confederacies.


^Ashoka^ is a small alliance led by Ciaran08.

Ashoka NWEdit

Ashoka NW plans to merge with *Ashoka*.


•Ashoka• - (-•L•-) currently has only one member; Dr_Hacker.

Former Ashoka wings Edit

Know of an alliance that was Ashoka and now isn't? List it here.