An alliance attacks menu is a table of the 20 most recent attacks involving any member of the alliance.

The table has four columns:

  1. Battle icon, highlighted if a non-member is attacking the alliance
  2. Names of players involved (in a clickable link to the actual report)
  3. Tags of alliances involved
  4. Date and time (in the viewer's preferred format and timezone; hours and minutes, no seconds)

Clicking the "player" link takes you to a report in the same form as for one of your own reports, headed "All | Trade | Reinforcement | Attacks | Miscellaneous", with no direct link back to the alliance menu.

Example extract showing the textual columns:

Military events
Player Alliance Date
Alizeé attacks ValourVeil -WK- - =RaR= 08/06/20 05:17
Ewoyhunter attacks pinky333 -WK- - 08/06/20 04:50
Gerbil of War attacks Aileen -WK- - {TG} 08/06/20 04:40
Pednoi attacks Nature -WK- - 08/06/20 03:14
spiderfish scouts ShortBlonde -WK- - M. D. 08/06/20 02:51

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