In June 2008 Travian started a server aimed at Australia and New Zealand, accessible (apparently by anyone in the world) at or, with title bar saying "Travian au1".

Its existence was announced by IGM, in contrast to the login sidepanel announcements used for restarting of servers on That may indicate that computers with ".au" or ".nz" suffixes were the only ones notified directly.

Server time is that applying in Sydney and other south-eastern cities of Australia: AEST.

Server results Edit

au1 ran from 4 June 2008 to 27 May 2009

The server was won by laser of W KiGB W alliance, which was formed in late endgame by the Kaboom and iG Metas, WWAU alliance came second and was only a few hours behind W KiGB W

As well as holding the winning World Wonder, laser was the top defender with 5,897,974 points.

george, of 8464 alliance (and previously of SxSW - part of the XxXX Meta) finished the game with the highest population (43,876), largest number of villages (50) and the strongest hero (level 85, 372919 points) as well as being the top attacker (583,381 points).

The top alliance was KABOOM with 57 members and a population of 797,347 , averaging 13,989 per member.

Endgame strategies Edit

laser enjoyed an almost attack-free endgame (up to level 94) as the strategy of the iG Meta was to encourage the XxXX Meta to believe that iG were the "noob" Meta, and were only building a diversionary Wonder to allow their stronger Kaboom allies to succeed with one of their wonders. The Kaboom/iG confederation and the WAU Meta also had an unofficial NAP to ensure that "anyone but XxXX" won the server.

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