Message near end of 27 JulyEdit

Dear players!

As you may already know, we have a couple of extra things next to the game for you to enjoy.

First of all, there are the official Travian forums for Travian Australia and New Zealand. At this forum, announcements are made, guides to the game are posted, a section for discussing politics is available and lot's more!

Visit the forums now!

The chat / IRC
Internet Relay Chat or IRC is the technique we use to allow you all to chat. You can join in by clicking on the Chat link to your left, or, use a specialised IRC program to join in.

At this network, you can get questions answered, discuss the game's progress and have fun!

The details for using a program are:
Channels:, #traviansupport and #travian

We hope to grow our community there and would like you to participate!

The team

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