Target ReadersEdit

The following article provides some advices for newbies only. If you are not newbies, most advices are probably obvious to you and it is probably not your place.

Moreover, as a newbie, I assume you are about to give Travian a try in your first server or feel unsatisfied in your first server and want to try again.

Preparations Edit

  • Read the Travian FAQ and most of this site before you register.
  • Prepare for a solid hour online as soon as you register, then allow for several hours a day if you get really into it. For holidays you can arrange a sitter to help you. Don't worry, the time required is much less after your village is solid.
  • Prepare a humble but determined mindset: Travian is a war game with both military and diplomacy. As you are newbies, you are probably weak, so try to be humble and be diplomatic. Prepare to be attacked and even destroyed, try to defend and if you can't defend, delete and restart. Just to note, even experienced players sometimes need to restart their accounts after a few days when things turn bad and their location is not good.
  • Prepare to learn: Skills and experiences need time to accumulate. Most top players also play badly in their first server. So, don't worry. Travian is a great game because it reward skills, experiences and commitment. If you can't play hard, don't be upset but just stick with Farmville and Cafe World.

Get Started Edit

  • Quadrant: The game allows you to choose your quadrant. It is based on personal preference or if you don't know, just be random.
  • Account Name: Again, it is up to you. Whatever you like is ok. However, remember your name is your first message to others. So, don't use your name to insult them. And don't use name such as "a;sdfjapeutasdf", it shows others you don't take it seriously and they would feel more convinced that you are a farm.
  • Server: Notice the time the server starts when you join. Don't start within the first week of the server, you will compete with full of experienced players. My recommended time for newbies is about 1.5-3 months after the server starts. At that time, your neighbors are more likely with your skills and the beginner's protection period is long enough. Hence, choose a server within that time frame. And don't choose speed (x3) server, it is for experienced players.

In the Beginners Protection Edit

The game provides a Beginners Protection period in which you cannot be attacked. The older the server is, the longer this period is (longest is 14 days). You must make full use of this period.

  • As a newbie, stick with the quests from the Taskmaster. They provide helpful guides for your first few days.
  • Focus on your resource fields, upgrade them if you have spare resources. Every single piece of resources is valuable.
  • Take a look at your neighbors, notice any fast-growing players (especially ones that grow faster than you!!). They could be either your friends or rivals. Drop them a message if you are diplomatic. I assume you are Gauls, so don't start wars early.
  • Also notice any players with more than one village in your neighborhood. If you see one within your radius of 10, you got an unlucky location....
  • Notice when the Beginners Protection ends (you can see it when your mouse hovers the dove in your profile which you get from one quest). One day before that, start upgrading your cranny. Assuming you are a Gauls, the recommended level is a Level 10 cranny (cover 2000 of each resources).
  • Don't join the first alliance that invites you, look around for one that has an average population near or above your own, and has at least one member near you.

After Beginners Protection Edit

  • After Beginners Protection, people may start to attack you. Now, there are two cases: you are attacked or you are not attacked.
  • If you are attacked, stick with the circle: resource field - warehouse/granary - cranny. That is, build resource fields if you have spare resources. Then upgrade warehouse/granary so that it won't overflow. And then upgrade your cranny to cover all of your warehouse/granary. After you have substantial resource production, and you are not attacked so frequently with large force, producing some phalanx to teach those attackers a lesson. But, if you are attacked very frequently (30+ attacks per day) with large forces, especially from a large nearby players, well...., you may get unlucky location, delete your account and restart again.
  • If you are not attacked or just occasionally, you could stick with the resource field - warehouse/granary - cranny circle but be more relaxed. And you could start producing phalanx sooner to raid some smaller inactive neighbors. Note that the most important step to become experienced is to know how to raid. In Travian, to grow fast, you must raid.
  • Build walls to provide further defence.
  • I don't really recommend trapper since it is a doubly-edged sword. But if you want to learn and you are not attacked so frequently, you can try. Trapper may deter and annoy some attackers but it may bring in much larger forces and even your village's destruction.
  • Try to join a good alliance. A good alliance is an alliance with good leadership, good coordination and good players. However, each alliance has their own rules, learn and use your diplomacy skill.
  • If you have to go away for a good amount of time with no Internet, assign a Sitter to help spend your resources

Further Objectives Edit

If you can survive up to this point in your first server, it could be considered a success. Following is some recommended challenging objectives:

  • Produce some Theutates Thunder and show others that you can attack and dominate.
  • Settling the second city is the most important step in Travian. Build up your Residence, and train 3 settlers.
  • Take a look at your rank to enjoy your success. If you reach rank 500 in your first server, it could be considered a huge success :).
  • Don't do anything stupid. Making rude comments can get you some giant forces up your butt, and be extremely curteous to everybody above you, anyone in a full-size alliance, and allies. It pays off.
  • Make sure your alliance has details on their page. If they don't, people might consider you the noob you are/aren't and blow you up. Same with your personal profile. Swords, skulls, and weapons of pain and suffering go a long way.
  • Get good gear for your hero. It's worth it, as it appears on your profile. Tier 2 gear all around by midgame is respectable, and make sure you have boots, armor, a helmet, a weapon, and something in your left hand. Your first or second quest is a horse. The rest you'll accumulate.
  • If you have low activity (i.e. once aPeople can raid back, even noobs, & if you check less than 2 times a day you could lose your chance to strike back as all your offense troops are dead or you are out of rescources.
  • Catapults are fun, as long as you send some basic offense infantry as escorts. They blow up ALL enemy warehouses, meaning they have 800 rescources to build with. Next strikes go to Rally Points (to stop a counterattack with surviving troops), Factories (Bakery, Mill, etc.), another warehouse, 1/2 rescource fields, another warehouse, troop makers (barracks 1st, then stable), finish the fields, then Granaries. You have now made that village unable to do anything. Hooray. Keep in mind that this can lead to one hell of an angry player. You were warned.
  • Note: For personal opinions about strategies, start with this page's talk page. A second opinion is always good! And a third. What tips can you offer?