The Birds of Prey are the Natarian scouts. Unlike the three regular tribes, these scouts are literally crows, so they can travel much faster than the typical scout. They can also be created in large numbers by the natars. One major detriment of the Birds of Prey, is that the Birds of Prey cannot go undetected. However, considering the nature of the natars as a NPC tribe, this may not pose any actual problem. Birds of Prey, like all Natarian units, are controlled by NPCs , and players can not train or fight with them. For travian advice go here

"The Natars use flocks of birds to gather intelligence about their enemies. Thanks to the advantage of scouting from the air, it is almost impossible to stop the Natarian scouting squads; on the other hand, even a simple-minded villager can easily notice the screeching and feathered flocks."

-Travian FAQ

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