CWL as full Chaotic War Lords - is the most longevive travian Meta; and one of the most aggressive ever.

Started on 2007 to play travian but as a group of players is known before in online gaming (created on September 2005). Played and won com5 2007-2008, played and lost com6 2008-2009, played and lost s7 2010-2011, played and won ts4 2011-2012, played and won ts7 2012-2013, played and won ts1 (com1) 2014 ~ as Goats (Greatest Of All Time).

One of the most important characteristic & strength of the Meta is that the leaders and members belong to all parts of the world, starting from New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Europe to the west coast of US. This is in contrast with many other metas who are mostly formed based on single geographical or ethnic concentration.

Battle doesn't need a purpose

The battle is its own purpose

Don't ask why plague spreads

Or the field burns...


The CWL Chant:

Demented, insane... 

Chaotic to the core

Berserkers of pain

Lovers of War

Bringers of doom

Lords of the dread

Hunters of gloom

Brothers in bloodshed

The official CWL FB group is:

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