The Combat Simulator is a tool found in your rally point used to see if you have enough troops to raid/attack another village or oases.

You first choose the tribe of attacker and the defender and the attack type (normal, raid). Then textboxes will appear for each unit the tribe has. Type in the number of each unit that you have and the number that you want to simulate the enemy has. Then click Okay and the results will show how many of each unit you lost and the enemy. The Combat Simulator cannot simulate heroes because of the heroes individual levels up their attack and defense.

For those using gold for Plus Account, the combat simulator is upgraded, to consider Blacksmith and Armoury upgrades, wall, palace and population levels.

External Link Edit

An even further enhanced combat simulator is available to anyone at This can include reinforcements of different races, as well as several other features not present in even the plus version: use of traps, 2 possible targets for catapults, and loyality decrease.

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