Travian has several types of Communication.

In-game message Edit

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Alliance forum Edit

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Confederations' forum Edit

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Public forum Edit

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Messages from Travian to players Edit

Recent examples Edit

(This one was greeting players a few hours before the scheduled meeting and at least 6 hours hours after!)

Dear P...,

We have a great and unique experience for you! There will be a great IRC player meeting. This means that you are invited on IRC (better known as chat) to meet other players, as always, but also to ask questions to the crew. You may think: “If I have a question I will send a message to Support”. If you do, you are completely right. However, this will be different.

You can ask questions which support will never (be able to) answer! Ever wondered how old the admins are? How many beautiful ladies are in the crew? Or if there are some handsome guys in the crew? ASK IT! This will be your only chance to ask it straight to them who know!

The meeting will take place on the 16th of June, from 20.00 to 23.00 UTC+1 (GERMAN time!) on Travian IRC network. Thos experienced to IRC can access the meeting’s channel by just typing /join #IRC-meeting after being connected. The people who are not experienced with IRC, can be helped on their way with the tutorial on the FAQ.

If you don’t want to install mIRC, just do the following: Just use this URL!

We hope to welcome you all on the 16th of June!

Best Regards, Tschena and the rest of Travian Team

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