Confederation Diplomacy

Working together.


In Travian, there is a system called Dual Accounts. Dual Account is basically when two or more players play in the same account, sharing the same log in information. For more information, you can look deeper in this link, in the bottom paragraph, it explains briefly what dual is.

Anyways, in the server, you will meet people who want to find duals for their accounts. The reason why they are finding duals are because of various factors, but mostly because they do not want to lose resources and troops while they are sleeping or away. Mostly, people welcome duals from different time zones, so other player can play while they are in school or sleeping.

However, I personally found out that there are not any travian dual finding system anywhere, in the wiki or in facebook or anywhere. Therefore, I made this page called Travian dual finder in facebook, where people can meet each other in the same group. After they meet, they can use private chatting to discuss and negotiate about duals and if they will use same log in information. This system will help lots of players who are worried to lose resources and troops during the night. The link for this page in facebook is,!/pages/Travian-Dual-Finder/115337008547887.

People should try out this page! It has been created just today, April 23rd of 2011. Let's see how the page grows!

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