About FOAD Edit

FOAD was an alliance on UK Server 1. The initials are For Order And Duty although some players have suggested it stands for something much ruder. FOAD is a new alliance and has only existed since the start of the current server.

FOAD contains a healthy mixture of all the tribes availible in Travian. FOAD is also unique in that it probably contains the highest ratio of female players of any alliance in Travian to date.

FOAD merged with their long standing Allied friends in ® to form FA®MS. They currently occupy the top 4 Alliance spots in Server 1.

FOAD Hierarchy Edit

FOAD is currently split up into four wings. Those wings are;


Each wing has a number of "Senators" instead of just one leader. The Senators act together in the Senate itself and run FOAD as a democracy.

Each wing is considered equal, with no one wing the 'main' or dominant.

FOAD Democracy Edit

FOAD does not accept NAPS and at present only has one Confederation Pact with the ® alliance and her wings.

FOAD Forum Edit

As previously stated FOAD is probably the spammiest alliance ever known on UK S1. Making use of an external forum, many of it members can also be found on the main UK forum.

The external forum link can be found at, where there is an active non-members section for people to chat and apply to FOAD.

FOAD sold out to become farms.... R.I.P all of FOAD we were great

FOAD resurected and went on a world tour, first to portugal, started well but we couldnt speak portugese, it didnt end well.

Australia an english speaking country, that sleeps when we are awake, raiding nirvanah. We won with two wings

Greatest Respect to KitKat

FOAD til i die

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