A name used by players, for a diversionary tactic, e.g. sending a single Catapult or Ram alongside or instead of a main attack on another Village, in order to leave the defending player uncertain where the actual attack will land. They may be co-ordinated across an entire alliance, or come only from one village.

Multiple fakes are sometimes used as a distraction/harassment tactic, in order to fill a players list with incoming attacks. They can be used to simulate everything from a raid to multiple waves of catapults. However, as some players will look at arrival times and distance travelled, the units in the fake can sometimes be determined (if the fake travels at 6 fields/hour, for instance, it won't be an attack that includes battering rams or catapults, as they travel at 4 fields/hour, suggesting that this attack is a fake). To prevent this, sometimes a single catapult is used to control the journey time, although this is more expensive than a single infantry unit.

Of course, the unit(s) used in a fake normally take 100% losses, even if they meet only base defence.

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