The Fire Catapult is the siege weapon of the Romans. It is used to destroy buildings and resource fields. It is almost defenseless by itself, however, so an escort should always be sent with it. The seige weapon of the Teutons and the Gauls are the Catapult and the Trebuchet respectively. The Fire Catapult is the strongest of the Siege Weapons but also the second most expensive.

The higher the Rally Point's level - and as a result, the better trained the Catapult's crew - the more options are available for targetting. At level 10 of the Rally Point, every building except the Cranny, Stonemason, and Trapper can be targetted.

Workshop level 10, Academy level 15

Speed: 3 fields/hour
Carrying capacity: 0 resources
Upkeep: Pop-small 6
Training time: 2:30:00

Attack Defense Infantry Defense Cavalry
75 60 10

Production Costs Edit

Wood-small Clay-small Iron-small Crop-small
950 1350 600 90

Building Destruction Edit

The following table shows the minimum number of catapults needed to completely destroy a building of a certain level. as well as how many catapult it would take to lower a building of a certain level by 1 level. Assume no walls, palace, defenders or stonemason upgrades, nor upgrades in the attacker Blacksmith and population of the village equal to 550. Keep in mind that a single catapult will always die in an attack, so where it says 1, there must be additional accompanying troops for this to work. A star next to a number means that it is impossible to lower that level of building by only one level, the given number will lower it by 2.

Building Level Whole Building One Level
1 1 1
2 1 1*
3 2 1
4 3 2*
5 4 2
6 6 2
7 8 2
8 10 3
9 12 3
10 14 3
11 17 3
12 20 4
13 23 4
14 27 4
15 31 4
16 35 5
17 39 5
18 43 5
19 48 5
20 53 6

Note: The cranny goes up to level 10, trapper and stonemason to level 20. These buildings cannot be targeted directly, but can be hit with random strikes.
Bakery, Flour Mill, Brickyard, Iron Foundry, Sawmill go up to level 5
All other buildings go up to level 20 however resource fields can go up to level 21.
If catapults or trebuchets are instructed to aim at a building or field that doesn't exist, they will instead fire on a random target.

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