GGA2 on au1 in the south-east is one of the top dozen alliances.

Recent rapprochement evident here:

Alliance events
Event 	Date
Plim has joined the alliance.	08/08/16 23:56
Boom waka waka has invited Plim into the alliance.	08/08/16 22:08
D=V=K-BB has offered a confederation to GGA2.	08/08/15 20:29
grubby has joined the alliance.	08/08/13 23:14
macman has invited grubby into the alliance.	08/08/13 23:13
*NRA* has offered a confederation to GGA2.	08/08/13 12:46
has left the alliance.	08/08/13 09:40
Gideon has left the alliance.	08/08/11 03:48
Arez has joined the alliance.	08/08/11 03:22
Boom waka waka has invited Arez into the alliance.	08/08/10 23:09
RENGEN has left the alliance.	08/08/09 19:30
GGA2 accepted the NAP with WAU-.	08/08/08 22:33
WAU- has offered a NAP to GGA2.	08/08/08 22:11

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