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There are a lot of you who do not know what farming is...this guide is to help you understand what it is, and how to deal with it.
Farming is being attacked by a player or players repeatedly , normally for resources or hero points.
When I say for hero points, I mean that when they attack you and you have troops, their hero kills them. When the hero kills them he gets points or experience for those kills. The resource part is slightly more obvious, as they just take your resources preventing you from building anything or at least slowing you down.
Here is your savior, the Players Guide to Farming!
This is being written from a few sources, most notably a previous "Anti-Farming Guide" that had to be removed for certain reasons that shall remain unknown. I am in no way copying, nor plagiarizing upon that authors work, just using it as a guide.
What is Travian, it is a game, it is a war game, not Sim City. It is a game that is about building troops and your city at the same time, it is about farming, it is about attacking, it is about coordination. Travian is a game that has many aspects to it. Yes, it is confusing at first, it was to me and to every other player who is currently playing and that has played. Everyone starts somewhere, they were all new just like you are now.
When you first start out you are given a beginners protection period, that is for your safety to get a foothold in the game. Depending on how long the server has lasted (so far), the protection period will vary. (Each server starts out at 3 days, with the exception of speed which starts at 1 day.)
Part 1: Better Safe Than Sorry
Part 2: The Attacks Begin
Part 3: Beat Those Farmers
Part 4: Pesky Little Catapults
Part 1: Better safe than sorry
In this game, you need a good spawn location to get anywhere. Let's start with that...
Firstly, the quadrants of a server are very important. Usually the South quadrants are the most tranquil, but it varies from server to server. You might want to remember that when choosing your quadrant. If you don't care, then choose random and pray.
Once you get your location, take a look at your 7 x 7, if there are a lot of higher population players near you, please consider deleting and restarting somewhere else. If there are not, then take a look at your 13 x 13, see what it looks like there. If you see a lot of players that you feel could be a danger to you, delete and restart. If players around you are roughly the same size, or if it's a new server and there are not many players, then you will probably want to stay there. Your neighbors are potential allies or farms.
This all depends on the age of the server; if it is newer you will get near a lot of new players, if it is a few months in there will not be a 'perfect spawn' location. Now, the game has a built in system that tries to make sure you get near new players, though it is not a for sure thing.
Another thing to remember is to make sure you will have some farms if not a lot by the time you are ready to farm. At least make sure there are some villages that are in yout 13 x 13 that will be farmable for you when you are ready.
If you are new: whether the server is one week old or several months make sure you have at least one cranny (Level 10) at the end of your Beginner's Protection period. It doesn't matter what server you play on; you will probably want to do this.
A level 10 cranny can hold 1000 resources, that is 1000 of each!.
(Also, when being raided by a Teuton, they can steal 1/3 of the resources hidden in your cranny, meaning if it held 3000 they could steal 1000...)
Part 2: The Attacks Begin
Raiding in Travian is very important, you need to make a profit from your raids or they are pointless...
If people are raiding you and you give up a lot of resources and/or hero experience, they will keep doing it. As long as they are profiting from you it is worth it. Which is why you need to make it pointless for them to attack you. If people get nothing, they will stop (most will anyway).

  • If you notice a raid or attack coming your way here is what you want to do:
  • Check what race your attacker is.
  • Check your cranny level(s), get your resource levels below those numbers; if your attacker is a Teuton multiply your cranny capacity by 2/3 and get to the resource level you get.

Crannies will always cover the amount required to upgrade, so upgrading your cranny should not be a problem. One cranny is allowed per

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