An example of a Hero.

A hero is trained in the Hero's mansion. Only combat troops can be trained as a hero in T3.6 and below, the new T4 servers give you a hero as soon as you sign up. A hero has two primary purposes: strengthening an army, and capturing oases. The choice of which unit to train as a hero depends on your goals -- it is most common to train a strong attacking unit as a hero, but it is also possible to utilize a defensive hero.

If one of the heroes is killed, another unit can be trained, or the existing hero may be resurrected - both actions have some cost. At level 0, this is twice the cost of the unit's training price. Players can train up to 3 heroes, but only one hero may be active at one time. It is somewhat common in T3 late game to have a high level hero trained from a low level unit (e.g. Maceman) because the offensive/defensive bonus is far more important and less time and resources is needed to resurrect a hero from a low level unit.

In Travian 4 onward, hero is given at the start of the game. Heroes can also produce resources, and go on adventures. Hero can equip items found during adventure or bought with silver in the auction. Bonus of the hero is given depending on the tribe that player choose.

Hero's Mansion level 1

Stat Points Edit

A hero begins at level 0, with 5 points to distribute among five categories:

  • Offense: The primary stat for an attacking hero
  • Defense: The primary stat for a defensive/reinforcement hero
    • In T4, Offence and Defence is combined into Fighting Strength that counts for both
  • Off-Bonus: Increases attack of accompanying units (0.2% per point)
  • Def-Bonus: Increases defense of player owned accompanying units only (0.2% per point)
  • Regeneration: Regenerates x amount of hero's Health per day (T3 only)
  • Resources: Produces x amount of resources per hour (T4 only; for each point invested in resources, 3 of each resources or 10 of one type is produced, and this can be changed without using a Book of Wisdom)

In T3, as long as the hero is level 0, the initial 5 points may be re-distributed at will. Once the hero reaches level 1, all points which have been distributed are permanent for that hero.

In T4, the hero's stats are permanent (and 4 points are invested into resources by default) and cannot be redistributed even at level 0 (unless you use Book of Wisdom).

Every level the hero gains provides an additional 5 (T3) or 4 (T4) points to be allocated. The maximum number of points in each category is 100. For the offensive and defensive bonuses, this provides a maximum bonus of 20%.

A hero's offense and defense categories give the hero attack and defense stats that work similarly to those of regular troops -- just a lot higher. A high level hero may have stats in the thousands. It appears that a hero's stats are categorized as cavalry attack instead of infantry attack, although this lacks confirmation.

To make use of the bonus stats requires a considerable accompanying force, compared to using points on the hero's own offense or defense. With more than about 600 accompanying troops, the bonus stats deliver more power per point than the main stats, so bonus heroes work better in the later stages - depending on the development of the hero, you may choose to sacrifice an earlier main stat hero in order to develop a bonus based hero, as the experience cost of 10 levels on a 10 level hero is a lot higher than a new 10 level hero, so if you have the wrong stats, do not be afraid to start again.

Heroes gain experience points by fighting battles in which enemy troops die. They gain 1 experience point for every unit of crop consumed by vanquished enemies (e.g. 3 experience points for killing a Haeduan or a Bear). This works on both offense and defense.

A hero has no carrying capacity and does not benefit from blacksmith or armoury troop upgrades.

T4 Hero Experience Edit

\text{Net Experience Needed} = 25 \text{level} (\text{level}+1)
\text{Hero Level} = \lfloor\frac{\sqrt{4 \text{experience}+25}-5}{10}\rfloor

T3 Hero Experience Edit

\text{Net Experience Needed} = 50 \text{level} (\text{level}+1)
\text{Hero Level} = \lfloor\frac{\sqrt{2 \text{experience}+25}-5}{10}\rfloor
Level Kills ' Level Kills ' Level Kills ' Level Kills ' Level Kills
0. 0 20. 21000 40. 82000 60. 183000 80. 324000
1. 100 21. 23100 41. 86100 61. 189100 81. 332100
2. 300 22. 25300 42. 90300 62. 195300 82. 340300
3. 600 23. 27600 43. 94600 63. 201600 83. 348600
4. 1000 24. 30000 44. 99000 64. 208000 84. 357000
5. 1500 25. 32500 45. 103500 65. 214500 85. 365500
6. 2100 26. 35100 46. 108100 66. 221100 86. 374100
7. 2800 27. 37800 47. 112800 67. 227800 87. 382800
8. 3600 28. 40600 48. 117600 68. 234600 88. 391600
9. 4500 29. 43500 49. 122500 69. 241500 89. 400500
10. 5500 30. 46500 50. 127500 70. 248500 90. 409500
11. 6600 31. 49600 51. 132600 71. 255600 91. 418600
12. 7800 32. 52800 52. 137800 72. 262800 92. 427800
13. 9100 33. 56100 53. 143100 73. 270100 93. 437100
14. 10500 34. 59500 54. 148500 74. 277500 94. 446500
15. 12000 35. 63000 55. 154000 75. 285000 95. 456000
16. 13600 36. 66600 56. 159600 76. 292600 96. 465600
17. 15300 37. 70300 57. 165300 77. 300300 97. 475300
18. 17100 38. 74100 58. 171100 78. 308100 98. 485100
19. 19000 39. 78000 59. 177000 79. 316000 99. 495000


Training a unit with good offense as a hero, majoring in offense and off-bonus, results in a good attacking hero. The hero adds considerable force to an attack or raid, but does not add carrying capacity, so there is no advantage in using a hero when attacking undefended villages, as the hero will not gain experience nor carry the spoils. Starting with a level 10 Hero's mansion, the hero can be sent with other forces to conquer an Oasis. Heroes can be transferred between villages you own by sending the hero as reinforcements, however, a Hero's Mansion is required in the destination village.

Defending Edit

A defensive unit, trained as a hero, can be quite a low cost unit for the defense power given, with a level 0 defensive hero providing the defensive power of more than 10 men, for a fraction of the cost.

The defensive hero can still be sent to conquer an oasis, but the accompanying troops must do most of the work. The hero is still required to be in the battle.

The main point of a defensive hero, at lower levels, is that it makes a very powerful defense unit at very reasonable cost, far cheaper than training an equivalent force of normal troops. In later stages, it may be necessary to allow the defensive hero to be killed in order to progress with an attacking hero to add power to the advance.

In the later stages, a defence bonus hero can significantly increase the power of a player's defence troops when covering important possessions such as the World Wonder, but be aware that the bonus only applies to troops owned by the same player.

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