The new Auction House for hero equpment

Hero Equipment is a feature in Travian 4 which allows your hero to improve their statistics, and provides for other useful implements. The equipment can be found using the new Adventure system, or traded in the new auction house.

Equipment: Edit

  • Helmet - Gives bonuses to player or Hero, including Culture points or experience bonuses.
  • Body Items - Gives bonuses to Hero combat.
  • Left hand items - Improves troop travel or combat.
  • Right hand items - Weapons for combat.
  • Shoes - Improves travel times or regeneration speed.
  • Horses - Improves travel times.
  • Small Bandages - Battle losses are reduced directly after the battle, if they are in the bag of the hero. This bandage can heal a maximum of 25% of the losses. You can only heal the amount of the troops that you have bandages for. Healing time is equal to the returning time of the troops, but requires a minimum of 24 hours. The item is stackable. Has to be equipped before battle to take effect. If the hero is killed in that battle, its effect still works but any excess amount will be lost.
  • Bandages - Same as small bandages except a maximum of 33% of troops may be healed.
  • Cages - Animals in an Oasis can be tamed with a Cage and brought to your village, where they will help in defending it. This item is stackable. No fight will take place but animals will be captured. Animals seem to cost no food.
  • Scrolls - When put in the bag it gives a certain amount of experience. Takes effect when equipped. This item is stackable.
  • Ointments - Regenerate the health points of the hero immediately. The number of ointments describes how many health points are regenerated (max 100%). Takes effect when equipped. This item is stackable.
  • Buckets - Resurrect your hero at once and for free. If the hero is alive, you cannot put a bucket in the bag. Takes effect when equipped.
  • Book of Wisdom - Resets all attributes and allows the player to rearrange them. Takes effect when equipped.
  • Tablet of Law - Adds 1% loyalty per tablet in the village that the Hero currently belongs to for a maximum of 125%.
  • Artwork - If you use the artwork you'll gain as many culture points as all of your villages together produce in one day, up to a maximum of 5000 culture points on a 1x speed server (or 1000 culture points on a 3x speed sever) per used artwork. Takes effect when equipped. This item is stackable.

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