Getting the scripts Edit

DISCLAIMER: Scripts are against the terms of services of Travian. Using one may cause a suspension to your account or even a ban. Proceed at your own caution

you can get the scripts from opr at travian scripts. Choose the one you want and click "Install". If it shows you code, go back and right-click, then "Save target as" or "Save link as" to save it to disk. Scripts from are designed for use with Firefox and Greasemonkey, but they may also work on other browsers. has scripts designed/re-designed for use with Internet Explorer and IE7Pro. Get them from .

However, using these will easily get you banned. It is easily caught. Remember, they will empty your warehouse and half your pop.

Firefox Edit

If you do not have the Greasemonkey add-on, go to and click "Add to Firefox". Restart Firefox and make sure Greasemonkey is enabled (the head of a smiling monkey will appear on the taskbar in colour); if it is grey, click the monkey's head to make it coloured. Now you may install scripts which end in ".user.js". For example, "anyname.user.js". Go to and choose the script you want. Click "Install", and "Install" again to install the script. You can also use File>Open to install scripts saved on your hard disc. Refresh the page you want the scripts to be run on (i.e. your Travian pages). You should see the scripts in action now.

Google Chrome Edit

There are two things you can do to run User Javascript with Google Chrome. You will only need to do either one of those. Remember, support for userscripts is very basic in Chrome.

  1. Right-click your Google Chrome shortcut and change the end of the target from chrome.exe to chrome.exe --enable-greasemonkey. Now put your scripts in C:\scripts and start the browser. or
  2. Door mij: and download Greasemetal (under Using Greasemetal). After you have installed it, put the scripts you need the "userjs" folder in My Documents (just "Documents" in Windows Vista). Start the web browser by opening the Greasemetal application. If the scripts do not work at all (you may need to wait several seconds on a page to make sure), copy them to C:\Program Files\Greasemetal\userjs (where C: is the main drive) and restart Greasemetal.
  3. Travian 4+ is the latest extension that support and improve the gameplay in Travian 4.

Internet Explorer Edit

You must have one of the following add-ons:

To install the scripts in IE7Pro, change the extension from ".user.js" to ".ieuser.js" if necessary, and copy them to C:\Program Files\IEPro\userscripts. Then go to Tools>IE7Pro Preferences and click User scripts on the left side. Tick the box next to the script(s) you added and click OK, then restart Internet Explorer. Press Alt if you cannot see the Tools option. There is a repository of scripts designed/re-designed for IE7Pro at .

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