Advice given to a one-village survivor of a collapsing allianceEdit

Dear D...,

You may by now have realised that you are the only remaining active member of the xxx alliance. Three members have agreed to join us after it became clear that neither P... nor m... was active.


If you are really keen to come over with your former allies. you may; tell me and I will send a formal invitation; your presence will boost our rank a little. But you are a very long way from us (over 62 hours from me even for a phalanx), which means that we would generally not give you any practical support by way of occasional reinforcements in response to announced attacks, nor can our attacks menu and alliance forums be of any help to you in working out which local attackers are to be feared or which villages can be safely farmed.

From my experience with over 20 Travian villages, I'm certain that you would do best by:

  • EITHER (a) remaining bravely "independent" (staying in xxx while it lasts: to use its forums for your own records; and for appearances, because some players avoid raiding players who are in alliances without looking at whether the alliance has any real strength); I'm still flourishing as an independent on server 6, with 5 villages and very few attacks
  • OR (b) joining the biggest alliance you can that has at least two or three members close to you, preferably within your area of visible map or just outside it, so that there is a practical possibility of sending reinforcements when you or your allies get notice of an attack.

You have no chance of joining the dominant alliance in your area, xxxxxxxx - - unless they bend their rules substantially. With room for only one more member they are very unlikely to admit a little fellow such as you.

I recommend that (unless there's absolutely nothing else) you not bother with the 2-person alliance xxxx. It could have less future than xxx at this late stage in the life of the server.

You are also much too small to join X.X -

Next in distance is the 3-person XXXX - - who may be no better than xxxx in the long run but seem to have a rational approach to the game and have a few allies in common with us and xxx.

Just across the east edge of your map is a member of Xxxx, which has an impressively relevant list of allies:

Joining it, you would be protected (for the present) from attacks by your nearest neighbours:

  • xxTEAMxx
  • B.S
  • APQP;

and you could do very well.

I also like the look of the moderate-sized NWDL - - which has a member about 5 tiles north of you and is recruiting.

If applying to join an alliance that is allied to any that attack you, try not to let anyone know about the attackers' names. Get safely in before you tell your attackers they must now stop.

I could go on. I did this sort of exercise when persuading 23 alliances to ally with xxxxx. But it's past my bedtime, and you are possibly not even active any more!!

Message me if you would like more help tomorrow.

Remember, DO NOT RESIGN FROM xxx YET! See option (a).