La Grande is an Norwegian player who have played Travian Since 2007.

He have won Norwegian Speed 2 Times,UKX 2 times,Uk2 Once and SEZ once.

He have been High Commander for AfterMath at No6, Leader of DX at No3 and No2.


Now he playing at Se2,No2,NOX,No1


He plays at Idde69 who are ranked as 14 at this moment and he is in allaince of A.A. and he Should have a WW at end game. At this account also : Avenged-Karkas, Hakpet, COObra, Mogan, Syver plays.


He was inactive and took the honor for the legend account High Voltage. This account have incredible 43 medals within 21 weeks.

The account is ranked as number 2 on this time, the account is also the largest Off-point consiter with 140k points.

Those who played the account and made it what it was is Booker, Dokken, Proud and Larsen


He plays at the rank.10 account SimSim in the ally WS(WWW&SimCity). La Grande have also win once for Simcity at NOX.

At this moment the rank. of account is POP: 10 OFF: 13 Hero: 7.

Here also : Hilde,Happymarius and Tomas Plays.


He will not enter his name too us so we will just say that he is Offansiv koordinator for Legion Meta.

Account he have played on :

Lillejoran, Mighty Angels, La Grande,
New deli,

And some more.

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Know as : Edit

He is know as decent offansiv player, but are not that good with katas. He is the one all should be scared to get an attack from, he have make good plans too how farm faster then fast, and how to take an takeover in same second, something he call ; Millisek-TO

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