Travian map marker

The picture above depicts a player placing a map marker.


Map markers are multi-colored flags a player may add to the world map of Travian. The purpose of placing the flags is to leave indications for oneself or one's sitter about the nature of whichever map region is marked.

Placing map markersEdit

To place one of these markers, one must right click the desired map region and then select "mark field." Upon doing so a small window will open providing a selection of ten colored flags and the option to write a brief description. After selecting the desired flag and writing a description the player must click "save" to keep the marker.

It should be noted that only five flag markers are available to place; to place additional markers a player must delete their former ones or upgrade to Travian Plus.

Deleting map markersEdit

The flag markers can be viewed and removed in a tab that is accessible by first opening the world map. The tab can be found by clicking on the double arrows ">>" on the bottom right side of the viewing box, adjacent to the coordinate search.

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