Merchants are used to move resources around Travian from village to village. When the marketplace is constructed it comes with a merchant, and one additional merchant is gained from every marketplace upgrade.

Different races merchants can carry different amounts of resources.

  • Romans: a merchant can carry 500 units of resources at a movement speed of 16 fields/hour.
  • Teutons: a merchant can carry 1000 units of resources at a movement speed of 12 fields/hour.
  • Gauls: a merchant can carry 750 units of resources at a movement speed of 24 fields/hour.
  • The above figures are for a 1x speed server; for a speed server, multiply both the carrying capacity and the movement speed by the speed of the server.

The NPC merchant is a non-playable character that you can trade 1-for-1 with using gold in the Marketplace.

The merchants can carry more if a Trade office is built and upgraded. For the Gauls and Teutons, every level raises merchant capacity by 10% of the base capacity. For the Romans, however, every level raises merchant capacity by 20%. With a level 20 Trade office, the Roman merchant becomes average capcity and average speed. please note the trade office has no effect on the speed of the merchants.

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