The Multihunter is an official Travian position mainly used for enforcement of Travian rules within a server. Multihunters all use the account named Multihunter with its only village located in (0|0). A Multihunter may not play on the server on which they are the Multihunter, but be an active player on other servers.

Multihunters may be contacted by normal players during the course of the game for information on rules, to report violation of rules, or to plead a case once a player's account has been suspended for violation of the rules.

A Multihunter's primary function, as hinted by the name is to look for people who are multi accounting. They also look for botters and people who break other rules such as using foul language.

A multihunter can enact a variety of punishments on players. From outright banning them for a period of time, or forever, to lowering building levels and emptying warehouses.

Information about becoming a Multihunter or other Travian support is available on the travian homepage, both for countries and worldwide.

History and Multihunter team is banning option for game Edit

Originally, Multihunters and the administrator were in an alliance called Natars, and the announcement about the release of the plans for building the World Wonder said that the Natars, referring the server's staff team, may not necessarily reply during that stage of the game.

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