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Not to be confused with Natars troops.
Natures troops

Nature's troops.

Nature's troops are the animals living in unoccupied oases. You can use the combat simulator to see whether you have enough troops to defeat the animals in an oasis you want to conquer, but remember that you can only raid oasis. Keep in mind that all the animals above Bear can kill its contemporary max tier travian troop in single combat.

You capture nature troops in order of strength, so you will capture a rat, then a snake, then a bear, then a tiger, then a elephant if those were the animals in a oasis, and the cycle repeats until the hero runs out of cages.

Capture any elephant you see, especially in early-game as they are almost indestructable to attacks in early-game since they will take down the average attack of clubswingers/macemen with ease.

You will receive a rat as a mistaken reinforcement from the taskmaster during rookie period (before T4). In the new T4 servers, you can catch animals using cages and make them defend your village. When you attack an oasis with a hero who has traps equipped, he will NOT fight the troops he doesn't capture. Additionally, animals do not require any upkeep.

Animal Att-Pwr Def-I Def-C Wood-small Clay-small Iron-small Crop-small Pop-small Velocity
Rat 10 25 20 85 75 120 25 1 20
Spider 20 35 40 125 130 60 40 1 20
Snake 60 40 60 140 150 40 60 1 20
Bat 80 66 50 95 120 65 25 1 20
Wild Boar 50 70 33 250 200 125 45 2 20
Wolf 100 80 70 250 125 250 150 2 20
Bear 250 140 200 250 220 135 50 3 20
Crocodile 450 380 240 125 250 300 65 3 20
Tiger 200 170 250 350 350 125 80 3 20
Elephant 600 440 520 350 250 135 100 5 20

Most animals are easy to find. However, the elephant is exceptionally hard to find as hours can be spent searching for them. Although elephants are very hard to find, they are worth the search because their defence against infantry and calvary are both extremely high. Tip: Elephants are most common in 25% wood/wheat oases's and 50% wheat oases's. After Elephant, the next most useful animal is the Crocodile.

Some Natar troops are also animals. These are the War Elephant (Natar Rams) and the Birds of Prey (Natar Scouts).

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