New Dawn is an alliance that began on the second round of’ server 3 in 2009. What began as a group of misfits joining together to fight off a common enemy became a constant alliance on future US servers. New Dawn’s (ND) was first born during a civil war in the NW quad of the server. Egos and feelings got in the way of early alliances, and the NW found itself split into 3 smaller groups. There was UNW; an alliance of large raiders, NR; a collection of players who could fight much better than their size, and The Odyssey; last round’s winners looking to repeat their performance. The 3 sides clashed, and what was once the clear winner of the World Wonder race became a war-ravaged land. Dozens of strong accounts were destroyed, countless hammers crashed, and a quad was left in disarray. Few were left untouched by the war, except a small group of players who stayed neutral in the conflict, a group of friends who decided it was best to hunker down and wait out the conflict.

===[edit]Player Accounts===

There are a few mainstays in ND, some that are found in every single round with the alliance. They are: G_N_R_33: The original founder of ND, known at the time as Jrocks33 (GNR). GNR had grown tired of the civil war, and struck out on his own. He founded a small alliance, ND, and invited a couple of his friends. GNR had to leave the game early, but he would return to all later servers, co-leading the alliance and running Gaelic ghost hammers each round. FFX: Known then as Lukestarocks13, FFX was one of the original members of ND. Mostly a Sim-City style player, FFX joined his real-life friend to wait out the war. Unfortunately, raiders destroyed his army and farmed him into deletion. FFX has returned with ND on every server, but so far due to real-life conflicts he has failed to make it to endgame with them. Tef: Known as Teflon Billy, Tef was the second to join GNR in ND. He left his stable position as an officer in NR to join his real-life friend and wait out the seemingly endless war. For all rounds, Tef has been at least a co-leader in ND, and many of his friends and teammates say he’s the ringleader. Teflon Billy, the only permanent dual-account (Tef and either Feronin or Blaze) is the face of the alliance. He’s the diplomat and strategist of the group. Us3 round two was Tef’s first successful account, where he placed in the top 150 players with an impressive anvil. Since then, He has been a top 20 player on Us3 round 3, and has teamed up with Blaze, Silent, and Rogue to become a top 120 player on UsX. Melo: A rookie player who spawned nearby Tef, who took him under his wing to teach him the game. Melo caught on fast, and soon joined ND. He became the alliance’s largest player, and his anvil kept many an attacker off of ND players. Melo would return for the next 2 rounds, but after a poor server he fell out of contact with the rest of the group. Rogue: is a complicated fellow always looking out for the good of the alliance of for Silent, where every Silent goes, he goes, and they dual together frequently such as now The HObbit, or before SilentRogue. Elder: Known then as El Ravager 2, Elder has been a mainstay in the alliance. The little brother of Tef, the two would always play on the same server Silent:

[edit]Other Notable PlayersEdit

Tanner0: Only played one round with ND, but the group is hoping to run into him again. Tanner0 befriended Tef early on Us3 round 3, and ascended through the ranks to become the military advisor of the alliance. His tactics were simple, yet undeniably effective as ND gold defensive medal after gold defensive medal in their struggle against the OUTcasts meta. Unfortunately, Tanner0 was zeroed in the struggle, and was forced to delete. Spinner: Only played one round with ND (Us3 round3), but he was a quick-learning, aggressive newbie. Although a little on the small side, Spinner provided some much-needed pop to a mostly defensive alliance. Knuckles: The 3rd brother of a trio (comprised of Elder, Tef, and Knuckles), Knuckles was an ambitious player. He played all but the most recent round with ND, giving up the game because of server after server of being zeroed by larger, crueler players. Tron: While never part of ND, Tron was instrumental to ND’s existence in Us3 round 3. Tron, the top attacker and raider, befriended Tef early on, and from his position in UNW, protected the smaller alliance from attackers. His idea of “getting someone’s attention” usually included 10,000 swordsmen. Few messed with the folk of ND.

[edit]Round HistoryEdit

Us3 Round 2: The first round of ND, this is where the group became friends. They finished in the top 20 in population and defense. Teflon Billy finished in the top 100 attackers and 150 in pop. Melo finished in the top 80 in pop and the top 100 in defenders. Us3 round 3: The first full-round of ND. The group grew to as many as 35 players, but was eventually at war with the OUTcast meta. Despite being outnumbered 10:1, ND fought valiantly and destroyed many hammers. Eventually, however, they crumbled, and Tef shepherded as many players as he could into OUTcasts, at least for the time being. The OUTcast meta split soon after into Pheonix and Few, and another bloody civil war erupted in the quad. Tef, GNR, and Silent, the only 3 who survived to mid-game, jumped into Few to join the rebellion. Eventually, both sides became allies, but the quad was a shadow of its’ former strength. When endgame hit, the 3 surviving members; Tef, Silent, and GNR, reformed GNR. Together ND finished in the top 15 of population, attack points, and defense points. GNR and Silent both finished within the top 100 attackers and defenders. Tef finished 15th in population, in the top 50 attackers, and top 100 defenders. Now Us3 Round 4: This round was the most ridicules one filled with treachery, and deciet. The Alliance merged with UNE to create the UNEND. This alliance held strong for a while but was later turned into the antimeta of the dominating meta called the Angels, this game is no going to soon be won by the angels, and the demons will be a close second. Us2 Round 1: This round has just started so create an account a join the fight


Tef- A.K.A. Teflon Billy....... Rogue- A.K.A. Roguesage74, or Spellscar........ Slient- A.K.A. Silentsage71

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