An Oasis is a plot of land on the map which cannot be used to found a new village (in each server, 10% of the map are oases). Unoccupied oases can be captured by nearby villages, giving them a resource boost.

Nature Edit

When unconquered, they are inhabited by animals (Nature troops), who mount a fierce resistance to raiding troops and regenerate fast when their numbers are diminished.

Raiding Unoccupied Oases Edit

Unoccupied oases produce resources at a steady rate, with their designated resource being produced at a higher rate than the other three. Successfully raiding an oasis yields a bounty, a maximum of 400 ( in T4 1000 on a 25% oasis, and 2000 on a 50% oasis) of each resource. The quantity of defence at an oasis depends on the age of the server - the older the game, the more nature troops.

Capturing Unoccupied Oasis Edit

The Village Edit

To "bind" an oasis to a village, the following requirements must be met:

  • The oasis must be in the village's 7x7 map centered on the village
  • The village must have a Hero's Mansion and has a hero in it.
  • The Hero's Mansion must have at least a free slot. A Hero's Mansion provides oasis slots at levels 10, 15 and 20. A newly captured oasis will take the lowest available slot. (Therefore, for example, if the village has Hero's Mansion level 12 but has already occupied an oasis, this oasis takes the slot at level 10 and the village now has no free slot. Hence, to capture a new oasis, the Hero's Mansion needs to be upgraded to level 15).

Once an oasis has been bound, neither a hero, nor a Hero's Mansion are needed to maintain it, but if it is lost to another player, both will be needed to re-bind it.

How to capture Edit

To capture an oasis, you need to launch attacks (raid) with your hero from the selected village to the oasis. The attacks need to be successful, that is, all enemy troops are destroyed and your hero survives the attacks. An oasis for the first slot needs only one attack to capture. Similarly, that for the second slot needs two attacks and that for the third slot needs three attacks to capture. Once the oasis has been captured it will belong to the village until the village is destroyed, the oasis has been deleted (from the Hero's Mansion), or it has been captured by another village. Killing the hero or destroying the Hero's Mansion in the village will not release the oasis.

Abandon captured oasis Edit

You can abandon an oasis you occupy from the Hero's mansion by 'deleting' it. This process takes 6 hours on regular servers, 2 hours on a speed server.

Raiding occupied oases Edit

Once an oasis is claimed by a village, raiding it takes resources from that village.

Raiding a player owned oasis can withdraw a maximum of 10% of the owning village's resources per 10 minutes. A player can defend an oasis by sending reinforcements, the troops use wheat from the village that owns that oasis. Note that troops in the oasis do not benefit from that village's wall or residence, so farming other player's oases can be a profitable tactic. There is no option to send troops back from an oasis, so reinforcements can only be recalled using the rally point of the village which sent them.

Capturing Occupied Oases Edit

Occupied oases can be conquered by other villages (including both your own other villages and an enemy's villages). However, that village still needs to satisfy the same requirements mentioned above. The method to capture occupied oases is also identical.

Types of Oases Edit

Each oasis increases the base resource production of their accompanying village as follow:

Image 1 Image 2 Resource Bonus
Wood1 Wood2 +25% lumber per hour
Wood3 -

+25% lumber per hour

+25% wheat (crop) per hour

Clay1 Clay2 +25% clay per hour
Clay3 -

+25% clay per hour

+25% wheat (crop) per hour

Iron1 Iron2 +25% iron ore per hour
Iron3 -

+25% iron ore per hour

+25% wheat (crop) per hour

Wheat1 Wheat2 +25% wheat (crop) per hour
Wheat3 - +50% wheat (crop) per hour

See also Edit

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