Reinforcement FAQ

  • Reinforcements refers to defenses sent from one city to another for the purpose of protecting it from an attack.
  • Reinforcements can be temporary or permanent(AKA send and forget reinforcements).
  • Reinforcements from a city that is deleted, conquered, destroyed will simply disappear from the city they were reinforcing.
  • Reinforcements require crop/food/wheat from the city in which they are stationed and not from the city they are sent.

Reinforcement Tactics Edit

Reinforcing can be a military tactic in many ways:

Offensive Edit

  • a means to starve the troops and prevent upgrades of another city(AKA Crop lock)
  • a means to feed additional troops
  • reinforcing the neighboring potential farms of an enemy

Defensive Edit

  • a place to keep troops for evading an attack
  • the obvious reinforcement of an ally

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