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Travian Scripts

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Summary Edit

There are no known cheat codes for Travian. Specifically, there are no special set of characters you can type in to give you extra resources or speed up your research time.

There are, however, numerous addons and browser scripts which are against the Terms of Use and Rules provided for Travian, which can give an individual numerous advantages over players who do not possess these items. A player is forewarned that usage of these scripts can have quite damaging implications for their account standing with Travian. Further, as these are modifications of one's browser or internal operating system software, they can be potentially harmful for the safety and security of one's system.

Scripts Edit

These scripts are designed for Firefox with Greasemonkey and may not necessarily work properly on other browsers. Edit

Popular Greasemonkey scripts Edit

Many Greasemonkey scripts contain similar features and if run

  • Travian Tactics works on their Travian hacks: Building, farming, trading, troop training, crop finder, farm finder, all in one script (difficult to detect, not detected)
  • Battle
  • Hero Status (difficult to detect)
  • Under-attack check (difficult to detect)
  • Auto-Farm (quite detectable, should be used with caution)
  • FarmingMachine (also probably quite detectable)
  • Travian Colour Marketplace
  • Travian: Auto login (very easy to detect)
  • Travian: Uber Celebrations

Bots Edit

Bots, unlike scripts, are software that is installed on the system, rather than instructions run from a browser. They are not as popular as Grease monkey scripts. It should be noted that Greasemonkey scripts and bots are not mutually exclusive. Many users that use bots also use scripts. Moreover, some bots can be installed as add-ons to the browser.

Travian Tactics works in the browser, but is very much like a bot - it offers everything you need. Moreover, there is also Travian Tactics Offline bot, available for donators and Golder (also for donators). TT offline will run on TT server, each account will get unique IP addres and it will run just like if you have it opened in web browser. But it will also run after you close web browser and turn off the computer. If you are hardcore Travian player, TT will provide you with gold (using Golder) and offline bot for relatively small donation.

Travian4+ Edit

Travian4+ is an extension for users that plays Travian4 on Google Chrome. You will get a lot of features and improvements using this extension. More info here.

Ramifications Edit

It should be noted that all third party scripts and bots for Travian are against the rules of Travian. Some scripts that add extra links and buttons may go unnoticed by the server administrators, others such as auto farm scripts and task queue scripts (and their bot counterparts) are more easily identified because of the easily recognizable patterns and timing that emerge.

If caught using cheats, the users may be punished in the following way(s):

  • Account removed : very rare if quick action is taken to respond to the Multi-Hunter
  • Account suspended : always true if caught
  • A city removed : very common
  • An alliance disbanded : likelihood unknown, only applicable if the alliance is guilty together
  • Resource levels knocked down : very common
  • Warehouses emptied : possible...
  • All fields and buildings leveled down by 10% (Level: 10 and lower by 1 level to a minimum of lvl 1. Level 11 and up down by 2 level.)
  • other punishments...

Avoiding or reducing punishment Edit

Punishments are light and sometimes (but rarely) can be avoided all together if the player quickly admits to doing wrong, doesn't make excuses, and amends his/her ways.

If the player doesn't admit to doing wrong and is argumentative with the multi-hunter the users account may be totally removed. 2nd offenses are more likely to result in account deletion especially if the two offenses are identical. dr

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