Travian Speed3x is a type of server in Travian, in which many events happen 3 times faster. They are commonly referred to as 3x servers, speed servers or by the domain name extension followed by x; e.g. comx. The first English-language speed server was introduced in November 2006, when it replaced com3 for a short while (it used com3's URLs).

If a server is 3x it means that these events are 3x faster:

  • Field income is three times greater
  • Merchants move three times faster and have 3x carry capacity
  • Building times are three times shorter

If a server is 2x, 3x, 5x or 10x, the events listed above will occur at that server speed (be it 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x,). Troop movements, artefact activation and celebration lengths are not the same as the server speed. On all speed servers, troop movement is twice as fast. Likewise, celebrations last only half as long (but provide a lower maximum culture point value. Note that the culture points required changes depending on server speed) and artefacts require 12 hours to become active instead of 24.

Notably, crop consumption for buildings, resource tiles and troops remains the same as standard servers and is not increased. Speed servers give players high crop production, and with the 'low' crop consumption, players can build considerably larger armies.

Travian Games is considering the introduction of other game speeds, such as a 4x and an 8x. It is uncertain if or when these servers will be public, additionally they might only be special one off servers, and not done again.

10x Edit

There was a test run of a 10x speed server on (German). It ran for 42 days, starting on February 23rd 2010 and ending on April 6th 2010, making it the shortest game of Travian ever played.

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