Everyone has their own strategy but some tips will help every sort of player to get a foothold in the game. If you have some advice, why not add to this page?

If you follow these few and simple rules then you will most likely become successful and will become a strong adversary or ally.

  1. Make friends with your neighbors. If you stay silent they might raid you or wipe you from the face of the earth for fun. If you start boasting about how good you are some strong guy will come around and knock some sense into you and you wont like it.
  2. Name your village. Seeing "playername village" as the name, shows a player who cannot be bothered thinking of a name and going to a menu, probably a player without much commitment.
  3. Join an alliance near you. I did not and I was lucky I was in a weak area. My alliance was so far away that if I needed help they would arrive just in time for flowers to grow out of the remains of my village.
  4. Improve your resources. Raiding is fun and it works, most of the time. if your army gets slaughtered then you will have nothing to recover with.
  5. Create an army as fast as possible With an army you can raid other villages for resources. Or you can be a defensive person and be able to repel raids. Either way, the army helps.
  6. Improve the Cranny If you are raided and your army can't hold them, the enemy will get your resources. Having a fully upgraded Cranny denies them your resources.
  7. Don't fight lost battles Men talk about never running away but that just gets you KILLED and being dead isn't a nice thing to be. If you see that you are about to be raided and you know your men have no chance, send them to reinforce or raid someone else. Having your men hold their ground is an honorable thing if they have a chance of surviving.
  8. Don't let the enemy win This doesn't mean fight him head on but outsmart him. If you see that you are going to be attacked then throw the resources out the window.
    1. Improve everything you can
    2. Store stuff in the Cranny
    3. Put your remaining resources on the Market
  9. Play it safe Don't attack villages that could retaliate with an alliance at their back. You Will Lose. Instead attack villages with no alliance to defend them or massive army to crush you with.
  10. Scouts are godly If you send a big force of your army into uncharted territory, There is no telling what will happen. Not knowing what's out there can kill you. Scouts can tell you what everyone around you is up to. Being in the know in war is the only thing that keeps a commander alive. You also require at least one scout in your own village, to detect when you have been scouted. A larger force of scouts can wipe out incoming scouts, denying your oppenent information, but maintaing a large scoutkiller force is quite a drain on wheat consumption.
  11. Raid Building up your resources is a good way to start the game but later when you get an army it would be a good idea to commence raiding of nearby villages. Raiding may seem inhumane to some because you are stealing the other persons resources but think of it as a fifth resource. you are only upgrading it on them. Raiding brings in extra resources faster than it normally would with just the crops.
  12. Plan to expand A perfect single village looks neat, but the power of many players is measured by how many villages and troops they have.

If You Are Being Farmed If you follow the above tips then you shouldnt worry about being farmed but theres always that chance that things dont go the right way. First you should ask the raider politely to stop. If he doesnt, build up your wall to at least level 5, so he takes a loss every attack, and make sure he gains nothing. If that doesn't work, look for a nearby alliance that will help you. If you join and prove that you are trustworthy and worth the effort, the alliance will most likely come to your aid and he should stop once he is attacked a few times. If all that fails, build up your army and defenses by keeping them hidden and at friendly neighbors villages. When the time comes launch a massive attack on his village and show him that you are a force to be reckoned with and he should stop.

Multiple villages Edit

The first step in placing a second village, is to decide where to place it:

  • Same 7x7: Strong placing if you can command the area, but very weak if another strong player or alliance decide they own the area and all within it. The advantage of close placement is rapid transfer of troops and resources, for reinforcement, dodging or improvement.
  • Within a couple of 7x7s: Increases your possible close raiding targets, but slower transfer than a closer village.
  • A long way away: Often the result of an alliance merge or restructure, your first village may be outside of the area of operation. Other reasons for going far are to get a good 15-cropper or 9-cropper, or to set up away from a local bully. The long travel times are a disadvantage, so distant villages are generally a decision based on the merits of the new location.

If you are going for an extremely agressive raiding style, playing to the advantage of Teutons, then looking for a pair of 15-croppers would be very strong. otherwise a common layout for villages 2 and 3 would be to go for a cropper and a support village to generate additional resources when the raiding is not so good.

For "high aggression", a strong setup is two 15 croppers, one the capital allowing crop fields to be increased beyond 10, the other having a Great barracks and Great stable to increase troop build rate. The attack troops are built in the non-capital, and then stored at the capital when not in use, or held together by wheat transfer from the capital. This style requires the most attention, as the attack village will be in negative wheat.

A somewhat less powerful setup, but easier to manage, is simply to have a 15 crop village as the capital and the attack village, though this can end up limited by troop build rate.

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