Teutons accounts are ussually very active accounts...They ussually make hammer in first village because they want to make big hammers...But, some players like me, when they don`t want to make big hammers they make his hammer in capital 15 croppers...I think this is much better when you don`t make big hammer because in capital cropper you make more crop and if you don`t need great barrack and stable this is best way to make your hammer! (btw, with this you will not have big problems with crop, so you mustn`t be 24/7 on your account)

Now about troops that should be used for hammer...

Clubswingers are better than axemans because they are cheaper and if you don`t have problem with crop you should use it...But if you don`t want to have problems with crop then use axeman...

Of course, TK`s must be used in hammer because paladins are good only for raiding and defending...

P.S:This is not for those players who want to make big hammers, this is for players who will make medium or small hammers... :D

(sorry for my bad english...)

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