The latest update of Travian is called Travian4, which has these several new features:

  • Basic Hero system - while on other older versions heroes must first be trained in the Hero's mansion, in Travian4 a hero is given at the start of the game.
  • Auction system - to buy and sell all Hero related items.
  • Another new currency - called Silver, as the payment method for auctions. Gold can be exchanged for silver (ratio of 1:100) and vica-versa (ratio of 200:1).
  • Hero Adventure System - For heroes to go on solo adventures with the chance of getting resources and unique items.
  • Gold Club - price decreased to 100 on normal speed servers (50 in case of x3 speed servers).
  • New game interface - Reports and Messages are split apart, and players could see resources needed for next level by hovering over buildings or resource fields.

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