Travians is a Travian Games alternative to the awarded game TRAVIAN. Travian follows the story of a player choosing between three tribes to conquer or found villages and eventually grow to be a legendary ruler by unlocking various troops and assistants. Travians follows a very different story. It follows the story of you, a player choosing between three tribes and being stranded on an isle that trains your first steps to becoming a legend. Eventually, you leave the isle on a dinghy to meet your uncle Horatio and his village of Traviansland, where you prosper in choosing harvestments to be skilled in and doing quests (including the ever-going storyline quests) found in your diary. You will experience aging, generations, currencies, and countless other pros & cons. You will meet interesting NPCs and sometimes your friends running around. Your Travianer has destiny, and it's your job to help it.

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