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"Unit" is the general term for any military troop trained by a player. When resource areas and buildings are upgraded, your population automatically increases. Units don't add to the "census" population of your village, but they do consume crop and therefore make the crop consumption go up as well.

While your regular population does not move (just staying in its workplace maintaining the building or resource area), units can be used to attack, to defend, and to perform other actions.

For information on the attack and defence levels and the movement speed of different units, see the troops pages.

Offensive Edit

These units are designed to attack enemy villages and oases. They are generally good at killing other units and carrying resources home.

Gauls: Edit

Romans: Edit

Teutons: Edit

Defensive Edit

These units are designed to defend your villages. They excel at killing attacking troops. They can be used for raiding but are at risk if they attack defended villages or oases, and they sometimes carry less loot than the offensive units.

Gauls Edit

Romans Edit

Teutons Edit

Scouting Edit

Each tribe has one reconnaissance unit. When sent out to raid or attack a village, they spy on troops plus one of two things: resources (the default option) or defenses. They instantly produce a report telling you what they found. This allows you to judge whether to attack and what force might be best.

Scouts which are inside a village will attempt to perform counter-espionage against attacking scouts. Attacking scouts can be killed by defending scouts, and may even fail to create a useful report. Defending scouts are never killed by reconnaissance missions (but can be killed by regular military attacks or raids).

The Teuton scout is infantry and is therefore trained in the barracks, needing only academy level 1 and main building level 5; but the others are cavalry, requiring academy level 5 and stable level 1, (therefore needing a blacksmith level 3 and main building level 3).

Gauls Edit

Romans Edit

Teutons Edit

Siege weapons Edit

These are used to inflict damage on an enemy village. They are expensive, slow, and consume a lot of crop per unit, but can do heavy damage to enemies. Rams are used to destroy enemy walls protecting their village, while catapults or trebuchet are used to destroy resource fields and buildings (or whole villages). They work only in a normal attack, not a raid.

Gauls Edit

Romans Edit

Teutons Edit

Conquerors Edit

These "administrators" are units that are able to conquer enemy villages. When sent to a village, they talk to the population there and convince them to join your nation. They may need to be sent several times to reduce the loyalty of the target village. If and when an enemy village is conquered, the administrator disappears.

Gauls Edit

Romans Edit

Teutons Edit

Settlers Edit

These units are used to settle new villages. There must be three of them, and then they can be sent out to settle an empty square if the village has at least 750 units of each resource to send with them. They are all called settlers for every tribe, the only difference being that the Gauls have cheaper settlers than the other tribes.

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