Signature Generator Edit

Create your own auto travian signature :

Travian Search Edit

Search your friends or foes :

World analysis Edit

Show ranking in table and graph

Travian Village Planner v0.4 Edit

Planner for building on 19 site

Travian Map Edit

Whole map on the server/world

Crop finder Edit

To find 9-3-3-3 and 15-1-1-1 croplands

  • these are no longer needed as travian has crop finder tools built in now.
  • Avail;able only to Players with GOLD CLUB

FAQ and guide Edit

Cheats Edit

See also: Cheats.

Follow the browser-specific instructions below to use the scripts. Firefox:

Internet Explorer:

Opera and Google Chrome support user scripts natively. For more help, see cheats.


Multi function Edit

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