VilloNanny is a Travian bot. It can perform many tasks, and works on up to Travian 3.6. It's Java-based, is ran from the command line, and doesn't have a GUI. It can:

  • read/send in-game messages
  • settle new villages
  • dodge attacks by sending troops at a given time of departure/arrival
  • sell resources on the Market
  • handle Wonder of the World villages
  • connect through VilloFetch
  • solve the starting quests
  • upgrade troops
  • attack, reinforce or scout a group of villages in sequence
  • attack nearby villages automatically
  • find crop fields in the map
  • demolish buildings
  • grow fields evenly
  • grow fields by keeping a given resource proportion
  • increase the level of existing buildings
  • build entire villages from scratch in a given sequence
  • increase the granary or warehouse when more space is needed
  • send merchants periodically
  • train troops
  • attack or scout enemy villages at a given rate
  • reinforce allied villages at a given rate
  • handle multiple villages, multiple accounts, multiple servers
  • run on any international server, given the appropriate configuration
  • disguise as a human using a browser
  • simulate browser cache
  • only connect when needed
  • use "night mode" to connect less frequently at night
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